Cellulite Treatment


Cellulite Blues? You got them and you want to get rid of cellulite fast? Get your hands on the FDA APPROVED Bellabaci Body Massage System. Fast becoming the cellulite treatment of choice for women world-wide, the most effective, easiest and most affordable way to reduce and remove cellulite. That’s because it addresses the cause directly and not just the symptoms. Better yet, it activates, stimulates and rejuvenates the lymphatic system with a reverse deep tissue massage technique.


Use the Bellabaci Body Massage System to:

  • Create a flow of fresh oxygenated blood that’s rich in natural nutrients.
  • Cause the release and clearing of waste and toxins from the fat cells.
  • Break up and remove the orange peel cellulite look for smoother, more toned skin.
  • Save on expensive cellulite treatments and creams.
  • Treat yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage Demonstration by therapist


  • There are two superior grade medical silicone cups in the Bellabaci Body Massage System. Start with the softer cup, graduate onto the harder cup after a few weeks once your skin becomes elasticized enough. Continue to use the softer cup for more sensitive areas such as the arms, stomach and inner thighs and the harder cup to be used on the back or any other area.
  • Begin by applying a very light suction for about eight minutes at a time. Increase suction gradually to stimulate circulation, remove stagnation and built up ‘sludge’.
  • Apply lots of oil, (Bellabaci Cellutherapy Homeopathic Oil works best), to the area, to facilitate smooth movement.
  • Squeeze the cup in the middle, then place the cup’s lips to your skin and release. Congratulations you’ve just given yourself your first Bellabaci kiss.
  • Use straight-line, circular and zigzag movements to massage the area. Drain the area by moving the cup toward the nearest lymph nodes. This technique doesn’t require any special preparation. The results are dramatic and best done on a consistent daily basis. The massage should not be painful, squeeze the cup so it is comfortable for you, increase the suction gradually.


The causes of cellulite are varied but the most common cause is related to poor blood circulation, reduced venous flow, impaired lymphatic drainage and fluid retention which can trigger the transformation of subcutaneous fat cells into cellulite.

The following contribute to the cellulite in one way or another:

  • Genetics. The predisposition to cellulite seems to be genetically inherited. Some people simply have more fat cells, weak veins, fragile lymphatic vessels, poor circulation or hormonal sensitivity.
  • Female Hormones
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Sedentary Lifestyles
  • Smoking
  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes
  • Obesity

Know that these factors may not contribute equally in different people. In some people there may be primary and contributing factors to cellulite. Cellulite has 5 stages of development and it is important that you understand this process in your home treatment techniques…

4 Easy Steps to Getting Rid of Cellulite with Bellabaci

4 easy steps to getting rid of cellulite fast

Getting Rid of Cellulite Has Never Been Easier! 

My Beliefs in Bellabaci Cupping Therapy Massage.

Kashiefa Simon

Somatologist and Graduate of Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

University of Cape Town

Excerpt From Research Paper – Submitted to CIDESCO for final international exam.

In my opinion I am convinced that Bellabaci cupping adds exceptional value to treatment of specific ailments. It helps the body regain its natural homeostatic ability to self heal. It achieves this by enhancing the body’s circulatory system, the immune system, clear colon blockages, help activate and clear the veins, clear stretch marks and the integumentary system (skin).Blood taken from short term bruises that may appear have been shown to have high acidity, low levels of calcium ions, as well as some bacteria and viruses and higher excretions of waste in the urine following a cupping treatment. This can be valuable diagnostic tool to assist doctors. The treatment also breaks up bilirubin (dead blood cells) allowing them to be removed by the spleen. Cupping is a powerful treatment for skin and systemic health.

You are able to see now why I feel that cupping stimulates the body’s own powers of healing and is excellent as a regular cleansing practice.

I feel that cupping can be effectively used as a deep tissue massage as it brings blood flow to the skin and muscles and it stimulates the peripheral nervous system. Cupping therapy opens the meridians of the body through which energy flows to every part of the body and through every organ and tissue.

Throughout my studies in Somatology I feel strongly about the bodies natural ability to heal itself and will always support methods that are in line with my principles instilled on me by my great teachers at CPUT– “To heal first and cause no harm”.