Ever stood on a thorn? Walked barefoot on a gravelly road? Or hot footed it across the parking lot to your car after a balmy day on the beach? In South Africa, thousands of children do just that. Only they do it for miles. Each day. Just to get to school.

Help People One Bellabaci kiss at a time

These children come from families who just can’t afford to buy school shoes for their children. When there’s a choice of feeding the family or buying shoes, it’s no surprise that food wins. Sadly, this means children are often turned away from the school gates because they don’t have the regulation shoes.

At Bellabaci, we understand the the pivotal role education plays in changing lives. So we’ve come up with a plan to provide school shoes to these children.

For every Bellabaci product sold, we will donate $1.00 towards school shoes. Buy your Bellabaci Products today and show your support!

Together we have the power to enrich a child’s life and improve their prospects for the future. One Bellabaci kiss at a time.


A picture is worth a thousand words - A Child Smiling is Priceless!