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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are an exciting treatment to offer clients, as the results can be quite astounding. The success though, of achieving the desired results, is by having the client finish the course of recommended peels, and have the required maintenance peels for cumulative results.

So often it happens, that a very excited client will come for one or two peels, and then suddenly not book further appointments or he/she wants to stop or postpone the course, which is detrimental to achieving the desired results. I have found that the key to seeing your client complete the course, is to make the healing time and its’ effects, as comfortable as possible.

Although there are many after peel products on the market, it is difficult to find one that leaves the client and therapist happy. There are those that do not soothe and hydrate enough, leaving the skin tight, peeling and feeling stretched. Some other products are too occlusive and “glossy”, which is embarrassing to the client when he/she is in a professional surrounding. There is also the possibility that the client do not want to be questioned by family /friends or co-workers on their skin care endeavors, and not applying the correct product can shed too much light on the client’s recent treatments.

Bellabaci International recently launched an innovative range, namely, The Genies. The one recommended in this instance, is the Skin Get A Life Genie. This is your middle-man, in between the too drying and too occlusive after care products available today. It also contains a lot more, which we are very excited about.

The Genie contains the right combination of Topical Homeopathic and wild crafted Aromatherapeutic ingredients, which are handpicked, to address every part of skin healing, inflammation, itchiness, keloid risk, infection, discomfort and many more of the symptoms experienced by the clients, between each peel. When one uses the Genie after the peel, it returns the flexibility and eases the tightness and discomfort. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, treating the signs of aging as well as restructuring of healthy skin cells. Our formula is encapsulated in the main carrier, Coconut oil, which is an acclaimed healer itself. The viscosity of the Genies is in a oil-lotion form, ensuring ingredients penetrate deeply, but also leaving the skin feeling soft, moisturized and soothed.

Ingredients include:
Vegetal oils: Coconut oil, Argan oil, Rosehip Oil and Baobab Oil
Aromatherapy oils: Carrot, Clary Sage, Geranium, Mandarin, Neroli, Bitter Orange and Pathouli
Homeopathic complexes: Daisy, Calcium Fluoride, Pennywort, Hydrofluoric acid, Witch Hazel, Silica, Mustard Seed extract

The benefits include:

Dissolving and preventing scar tissue or keloid formation
Skin healing and soothing of inflammation, itching and irritation
Works on the emotions to relieve anxiousness and feeling of stress for the client
Stimulates skin regeneration, collagen and elastin
Prevents infection and bacteria from entering the skin
Relieves peeling , broken capillaries, pain and discomfort
Non-comedogenic and assist with acne and hormone regulation
Replenishes and regulates the skin’s natural lipid layer
Disperses excess fluid build-up and puffiness
Contains natural derivatives of retinol for cell regeneration
Another great treatment to include in between maintenance peels to ensure cumulative results, is the Bellabaci Facial Cupping massage. Clients to not give their skins the proper manual stimulation to increase micro-circulation and collagen formation. By using the facial cup for just a few minutes, twice per week, the client will address many skin functions and prevent further wrinkles, congestion and broken capillaries. Easy to use and travel friendly, this is the one facial tool every therapist and client should own.

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