Want to lose weight faster? This will help!

Want to lose weight faster? This will help! - By Bellabaci Cupping

Did you know that a good detox can help you lose weight faster?

With the Festive Season almost upon us, it may be a good idea to shed a few pounds before the mince pies and eggnog come out. This will help you to have some forgiving leeway and still fit into your skinny jeans for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you didn’t reach your health goals this year, it’s not over yet! Continue reading

The Banting Diet – Why you need Butter

Banting Diet - Why you need Butter - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Think you don’t need saturated fat? Think again..

Saturated fat got it’s bad wrap from the 80’s. Back when the low-fat diets took over many households. Studies then concluded that there is a very strong link between saturated fat and heart disease, obesity and  high LDL cholesterol. Yes, yes, it’s higher in calories at 9 calories to a gram compared to protein and carbs at 4 calories per gram.. But saturated fat may have received its bad reputation unfairly. Continue reading

How Nutritional Deficiencies can affect Your Health

How Nutritional Deficiencies can affect Your Health - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Are you taking care of you and yours to combat nutritional deficiencies?

In today’s hustle and bustle where we are trying to manage work, home, kids, social life etc, making sure you are treating yourself well becomes even more important. Science has proven that an increase in stress levels negatively affects our bodies in many ways. The skin, which is our largest but most neglected organ shows the damage, especially on our faces. Continue reading

Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Simple tips to lose weight - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Losing weight is not easy for everyone, especially if there are medical issues such as thyroid under-activity or diabetes in the mix. Many diet styles have surfaced in the last year or two, some quite controversial as well, and choosing one that will work for you and your lifestyle means you need to do lots of investigating. Continue reading

Factors which increase the efficacy of Salvestrols

Factors which increase the effectivity of Salvestrols - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

In our previous blog we posted an excellent article by Greenhouse Health about new research shedding light on how to help in the fight against cancer. To implement this new knowledge in your life these factors which increase the efficacy of Salvestrols, need to be considered. Continue reading

How to Detox for Weight Loss

How to detox for weight-loss - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Almost everybody can do with losing a pound or 5, but how you go about it will determine if it is going to be a yo-yo effect, long-term or just until next weekend.  Many people and institutes recommend doing a proper detox before attempting a weight loss program, which is hopefully professionally worked out for your individual needs by a registered dietitian. If your detox follows these rules, you should be losing weight and feeling great in no time at all. Continue reading

How to Combat Carb Cravings

How to Combat Carb Cravings - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

We live in a time where a lot of awareness is being raised on eating less carbohydrates, eating clean and limiting sugar intake. These create from an acidic pH (cancer!) to cellulite and wrinkles.The problem with this is that we are wired from birth to crave carbohydrates, from birth. Breast milk is rich in carbohydrates, and it serves a purpose by being easily digested and a rapid source of energy for a growing baby. Continue reading

Foods that cause Cellulite

Foods that Cause Cellulite - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

You probably know that the way of eating largely impacts the body’s functions, which implies and defines the physical appearance of every organism. For that reason, it’s crucial to know which food to avoid or at least to consume in a reasonable quantity.

This article shares both a list of 5 foods that cause cellulite and the reason these foods make more damage than benefit to your body and overall health. Continue reading

Sugar and Alcohol Effects on Cellulite

Sugar and alcohol effects on cellulite - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

There are so many culprits which are contributing factors to extra dimples, and sugar and alcohol effects on cellulite are no exception. Sugar consumption is the most important cause of cellulite today. Sugar and all its forms (sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), maltodextrin etc.) comprise an ever increasing part of our diet these days. Continue reading

Myths about Cellulite – What you need to know

Myths about Cellulite

Myths about cellulite tend to create panic amongst body conscious women. The cosmetic condition affects nearly 90% of women at some point during their lives, even women who are otherwise slender and fit.

As common as cellulite is, there is also an awful lot of misinformation out there about what it is, what causes it, and how to get rid of it. Therefore, before placing blame, scheduling a cosmetic procedure, or spending a fortune on over-the-counter products, read up on the real story behind cellulite.

Myth: Tanning will get Rid of Cellulite.

Fact: Back away from the tanning bed! There is a long-held belief that tanned skin will mask the signs of cellulite. In addition, OK, sure, that is somewhat true, but, in the end, it will actually make your cellulite worse. Damaged skin is thinner and weaker — a recipe for disaster in the cellulite department

Myth: Only overweight people get cellulite.

Fact: Even rail-thin models and professional athletes can — and do! — have cellulite, but, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, you would never see cottage cheese thighs in a glossy magazine

Myth: It does not matter what you do — you are always going to have cellulite.

Fact: Of course, plenty of the reason women have cellulite has to do with genetics — but do not let yourself off the hook that much. Eating right, exercising often, getting enough sleep and laying off the smokes will all reduce the appearance of cellulite. Another reason to treat your body well!

Myth: Losing weight will get rid of cellulite.

Fact: Losing weight may reduce the appearance of cellulite in some people — but certainly not everyone. For some women, in fact, losing weight makes their cellulite look worse than it did before. There is no guarantee that weight loss will lead to less cellulite

If you show signs of cellulite, don’t panic, Bellabaci have an incredible innovative system, which can help you get rid of that unwanted orange peel effect. Moreover, this is no myth!

Cellulite Be Gone Kit

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Diet changes to help reduce cellulite

Diet changes to help reduce cellulite - By Bellabaci Cellulite Treatment

Diet changes to help reduce cellulite are an important topic this time of year. Spring is almost half way through; summer is around the corner, which means bathing suits, shorts, skirts and clothing garments above the knee. How confident are you this season to bare those thighs? If you are entering the winter season, now is the perfect time to ensure that you will be bikini-ready by next summer!

Try these natural tips for preventing or reducing that dimpled, orange-peel look on your thighs and other body parts.

Load up on anti-oxidants

Include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet, such as acai and other berries, red and orange fruits and veggies, and citrus fruits. Antioxidants are your number one defense against free radicals, which cause damage to skin cells and can contribute to cellulite formation.

Go green

Drinking green tea can help reduce the signs of cellulite. Green tea has been found to be effective for increasing energy expenditure and assisting with weight loss. It is also a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage. Drink about three cups of green tea a day.

Healthy fats

Replace saturated fats with healthy omega-3 fats such as oily fish, flax seed, fish oils, and nuts. These help with blood circulation. Poor circulation reduces the body’s ability to deliver nutrients to skin cells, causing them to clump together, which can compound cellulite problems.


Regular exercise is vital. It burns calories to reduce fat, boosts circulation and can help disguise cellulite by increasing muscle tone under the skin. Exercise also improves lymphatic drainage, which carries toxins away from cells. If drainage is sluggish, it will contribute to cellulite.

Cut out toxins

A build-up of toxins in the body can affect the dermis and contribute to cellulite formation. Remove or limit toxins such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee and heavily processed foods containing high levels of sugar and chemical additives. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Use herbs

Try herbs. Dandelion leaf tea helps reduce fluid retention, as well as helping to flush toxins from the body. You can also use dandelion leaves in salads or fresh juices. Ginkgo biloba, a herbal preparation from the dried leaves of the ginkgo tree, helps boost circulation.

Skin care

External treatments such as coffee scrubs can improve circulation and reduce signs of cellulite. Use a coffee scrub twice a week. Moisten your skin under the shower, turn the water off, rub coffee granules into the affected areas for a few minutes, and then rinse off.

Visit our website or contact us directly for more information on getting rid of that cellulite!

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Kiss your cellulite goodbye

Kiss your cellulite goodbye - By Bellabaci Cupping

Are you suffering from painful joints and muscles? Migraines and headaches? Cellulite? Stretch marks? Spider veins or even digestive disorders?

Kiss your cellulite goodbye and your body better with the Bellabaci Body Massage System. The Bellabaci Massage system consists of two silicone cups scientifically designed to rid stagnation, intensify metabolism and dermal respiration, improving the skins’ elasticity. This increases resistance to temperature and mechanical factors and improves muscle function. Continue reading

12 Early Riser Tips – Get some MOJO!

12 Early Riser Tips - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Not a morning person? These easy tips will help you to get out of bed along with the early risers!

An early riser seems to have it easy.. They always look full of energy, and on top of their work schedule.

It’s 9am and the early risers look like they’ve just come back from an island holiday, bright eyed and bushy tailed, while you are behind on your deadline and on your 3rd coffee for the morning already. Don’t waste energy on feeling jealous. We found out the best tips, so, just have a read and start to implement some of these tips into your schedule. Pretty soon you’ll be joining the early risers club! Continue reading