Treat your wrinkles quick with Bellabaci!

Treat your wrinkles quick with Bellabaci!

Do you want to become a smooth operator? Get ready to treat your wrinkles in just 2 minutes per day!

In your teens and early twenties, the last thing you care about are wrinkles. All the parties, smoking and frowning won’t make a difference because you are invincible. At this age, skin care and healthy living might as well be a foreign language. Continue reading

Rosehip Oil – A natural solution for aging skin

Rosehip Oil - A natural solution for aging skin - By Bellabaci International

Yes, life is fast-paced. Mine is a constant run in between airports, sitting in long-haul flights and being exposed to constant air conditioning or central heating. Obviously, a busy life creates stress, no matter how much you love your job (and I do!). And stress shows on your skin, ages you internally and can manifest as an unwanted skin irritation.

Is your skin not looking as radiant as you would like it to be? An ingredient that you need to know about asap is Rosehip Oil. For my skin comfort, it has done a lot, and it makes me even more in awe of what nature provides.
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How to treat under-eye bags

How to treat under-eye bags - By Bellabaci Cellulite

Being a woman can be quite stressful when you consider all the time we have to put in to look presentable. Straightening our hair, putting on make-up, choosing the correct outfit for the day, takes up a lot of time. Having to deal with facial concerns as well, just adds more wood to the fire.

Waking up to dark circles and not knowing how to treat under-eye bags and puffiness, can really put a girl down. Even more so when you’ve had little sleep due to having the kids wake up during the night, late nights of working on your laptop or just not being able to have enough hours sleep. Continue reading

The Best Facial Tool you need

The Best Facial Tool you need - Bellabaci Cupping

Kiss your face beautiful with Bellabaci? Yes Please!

The ultimate tool for effectively treating aging, excess fluid, congestion, broken capillaries and loss of elasticity, all in one step, is hard to come by. Unless you have the Bellabaci Skin Get A Life Genie and Facial Cup combo, that is.. Continue reading