Which grade of Cellulite do you have?

Most women today have cellulite. Knowing the grade of Cellulite you have can help you to act before it gets worse. Cellulite Grades are referred to as zero, one, two or three. There are also two variations known as soft or hard. Your therapist can diagnose if you are not sure. Let’s look at the different types of cellulite and how it got there!

Cellulite Grades - Everything you need to know!
Cellulite Grades:

  • Grade Zero: There is no visible cellulite, even if the skin is pinched. Overall, the skin looks and feels smooth. This is where most of us want to be.
  • Grade One: Cellulite is not evident when you’re standing or sitting. If the skin is pinched, it becomes noticeable.
  • Grade Two: When standing, there appears to be cellulite, but when you lay down it disappears.
  • Grade Three: The skin looks dimpled regardless if you are standing or sitting and always when you pinch it.

Soft Cellulite:

This type of cellulite is more noticeable because it doesn’t attach itself to the muscle. It’s softer, saggy, moves around more and usually affects larger areas of the body. Unlike hard cellulite, it sits closer to the surface, making it easier to treat.

Hard Cellulite:

Hard cellulite is harder to get rid of because it’s concentrated and is close to, or on the muscle. Hard cellulite tends to occur in more athletic body types and is harder to see with the naked eye. In some cases, hard cellulite can be sensitive to the touch.

Some factors that are linked to the formation of cellulite include:

Hormones: Female hormones, like estrogen, are associated with cellulite formation. This pesky hormone naturally directs the body to store extra fat in areas like the buttocks, legs, thighs, hips and even stomach. When hormone levels are elevated, like during pregnancy and Peri-menopause, cellulite can appear to be at its worst.

Genetics: Cellulite carries a very strong genetic component. Chances are, if your mother has cellulite on her thighs and legs, you probably will, too.

Diet: Some experts believe that eating too much of any one fat-, carb- or salt-heavy food, and not incorporating enough fiber into your diet, can put you at a higher risk for cellulite since these foods can get stored in the fat cells and cause the cell to increase in size.

Toxin buildup: The body stores toxins to some degree, and certain systems do their best to purge these toxins from the body. But, when there is an overload of toxins, they tend to get stored in and around the fat cells, forcing bulging to occur more than it normally would.

Lifestyle choices: Smoking and not working out are believed to encourage fatty deposits to gather and stay put, making them harder to eliminate.

Clothing: Regularly wearing pants and underwear that are too tight can constrict blood flow. Improper blood flow can decrease the rate at which blood circulates throughout the body, resulting in a buildup of toxins.

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