Ageing -Are you treating your signs like a Pro yet?

Broken Capillaries

When we think of treating ageing and the signs of gravity working against us, we tend to look to hiding the problem, instead of facing it head-on with our sleeves rolled up. Popular trends that are top choices for those wanting to hide what time is doing is usually Botox, Fillers and even make-up containing wrinkle-filler type ingredients.

The negative impact of these choices, is that as soon as you stop using them, you may be worse off than you thought. When Botox is injected into your forehead, which, for argument’s sake is your area of concern, by “freezing” that area, you will begin the process of over-using other areas, which may have been unharmed until now, to use your facial expressions. The day you decide to stop using Botox or fillers, you may just get the fright of your life, and then what? Surgery? NO!

Why not rather opt for something that will improve your area of concern, give you cumulative results, and delay the onset of ageing on your areas which still look great? It’s a no-brainer..
Using the Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Genie and Facial cup combo, you will address so much more than just your usual fine line here or there.

Our system is so advanced; you can look forward to saying goodbye to the following:

• Fine to Deep lines and wrinkles
• Loss of elasticity
• Double chin
• Under eye bags
• Broken capillaries
• Deep naso-labial folds
• Turkey-neck
• And even sinus congestion for good measure!
And you can say Hello to:
• Beautiful, Refined Skin with tighter pores
• Clear, congestion-free skin with less chance of that untimely breakout
• Smooth and even tone, increased cell renewal and microcirculation
• Healthy, Youthful glow ( think peaches and cream from your younger days)

Now, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Just a few minutes per day can save you lots of Botox and deep intervention dollars for the future, while you can look ageing square in the eye and look like the best version of you, with Bellabaci, naturally!

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Happy Cupping!kiss