The Bellabaci Genies are here!

The Bellabaci Genies are here! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Need some healthy help?

The Bellabaci Genies are here to grant all your health and beauty wishes!

Start your day the healthy way and incorporate one of the Bellabaci Genies into you wellness regime. We have brought you a powerful massage remedy, to address your concerns from the root cause.

Our medical experts have formulated synergies for Cellulite, Circulation, Pain and Skin, Stress and Digestive Health. Each magnificent synergy also contains complexes to treat many related health issues. For example, The Circuflow Genie will assist with increasing blood and lymph circulation, treat varicose and spider veins, stimulate your metabolism and detox your body. We have done our best to make it easy to use, without cluttering up your cupboards. No one has ever come this close to perfection by blending health and wellness.

Each complex contains handpicked ingredients, of the purest, organic quality. The benefits come from combining the complementing homeopathic synergies and wild crafted Aromatic oils. The Bellabaci Genies also have extra bonuses, such as their non-staining properties! There is nothing worse than stained linen or clothing from using your latest health or beauty purchase!

The Bellabaci Genies are not tested on animals, so rest assured that no cute bunnies were harmed in the process of making these potent remedies! The Genies feel luxurious to the tough, and they have ample slip, ensuring economical use to use with your Cupping massage. They are also a stand-alone treatment, so in case you didn’t have time for your 10 minute Bellabaci Massage, you would still kiss your body better by applying your remedy to your problem area!

Top Tip: Stay tuned to our website, as we will be giving you the lowdown on just how special The Bellabaci Genies are!

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Happy Cupping Everyone!Let Bellabaci kiss it better!

2 thoughts on “The Bellabaci Genies are here!

  1. Sasha O'Hare says:

    Absolutely LOVE these products!!! The aches and pains is by far the best product I have ever comes across that actually works and does what it says, so much so that my boyfriend has high-jacked it to use after his long runs!.

    • keren says:

      Thank you for your comment Sasha! We don’t blame him, so better stock up! At least you know what to get him for any future birthday gifts!
      Happy Cupping!
      The Bellabaci Team

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