How much sleep is enough?

How much sleep is enough? -Bellabaci Cupping

Are you one of those people who feels like a bear with a sore tooth when you’ve only had 6 hours sleep, and you normally need a full 8 hours just to function normally? Or maybe you are one of those who only need a few hours of shuteye before you are ready to take on the world.. For the latter, they really do have a few extra hours in the day!

Do you have the Thatcher Gene?

New studies suggest that the amount of sleep you need is determined by genetics, and not just personal preference or lack of good health. Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister), who was known to only have 4 hours sleep per night, is the inspiration for naming the newly discovered genetic mutation The Thatcher gene, or otherwise known as the BHLHE41 gene. The lucky few who have this gene, do not feel the terrible effects of sleep deprivation like the rest of us do.

How much sleep is enough?

Scientists recommend an average of 7 hours if you don’t have this gene!

The study was performed on the sleeping habits of 100 pairs of twins, subjecting them to cognitive tests after being kept awake for 38 hours straight The outcome was that those with the specific gene, performed better on their tests when they were kept awake. Dr Timothy Morgenthaler, president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine released a statement saying: “This study emphasizes that our need for sleep is a biological requirement, not a personal preference.”

Is Insomnia making you miserable and are you looking for a natural solution?

On the other end of the spectrum, for those who suffer from Insomnia due to high cortisol levels, too much stress or depression, getting just a few hours of sleep can be a frustrating issue. This is where Bellabaci comes in.  By placing the cups on your back, after applying your prescribed Bellabaci Genie, you will address hormonal imbalances, stagnation and induce a deep sense of relaxation for a great night’s sleep. Cupping therapy is your natural alternative to using synthetic and habit forming medications, as well as the fact that having regular treatments, (in the comfort of your own home), will help to reset your biological clock.

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