Cortisol – Why Stress Kills

Cortisol - Why Stress Kills - By Bellabaci Cupping and Organic Massage Oils

We need Cortisol. But like they say, too much of a good thing is just BAD!

Stress. We just cannot talk enough about it. It is related to so many different aspects of our lives, with detrimental effects on our health. Understanding what happens in your body when you are in a stress situation is the first step to becoming aware of your mental state. It’s time to take back control to ensure longevity by understanding how Cortisol affects our bodies. Continue reading

Seven Essentials To Happy, Healthy Living!

Seven Essentials To Happy, Healthy Living!

No one can deny, looking after yourself in today’s hustle and bustle is not easy. Work, family, budgets, high cost of living.. Need i say more? Taking a moment is essential to re-assess exactly where we are going to be in 5 years. And by that i mean health-wise.. Continue reading