Cortisol – Why Stress Kills

Cortisol - Why Stress Kills - By Bellabaci Cupping and Organic Massage Oils

We need Cortisol. But like they say, too much of a good thing is just BAD!

Stress. We just cannot talk enough about it. It is related to so many different aspects of our lives, with detrimental effects on our health. Understanding what happens in your body when you are in a stress situation is the first step to becoming aware of your mental state. It’s time to take back control to ensure longevity by understanding how Cortisol affects our bodies.

What is Cortisol?

When we are stressed, our bodies produce a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is needed in order for our bodies to survive. It enables us to act quickly.  One example is when you are finishing a work deadline, running a race or take action to avoid a danger situation. Cortisol production also surges when we are under emotional stress such as divorce, the death of a loved one or even illness.

Stress in small doses is not all bad. It gives you the ability to be alert when needed to complete an urgent task. However, because so many aspects of our lives place us under constant stress, the long-term production of excessive cortisol negatively affects many areas and body systems.

Studies show that excessive cortisol levels when related to chronic stress may lead to the following:

  • Lowered immunity. Cortisol is a corticosteroid and inhibits the functions of white blood cells. These cells are the body’s natural defense against invading bacteria and viruses. This can cause us to be more prone to infections.
  • Increased abdominal fat storage. High levels of cortisol encourage the body to store adipose tissue in the midsection, upper back, and neck. Losing abdominal fat will not be possible unless stress is managed.
  • Breakdown of muscles, bones, and connective tissue. Cortisol aids in the process of gluconeogenesis wherein sugar are created from existing tissue. Cortisol breaks down bone, muscle and connective tissue to manufacture blood sugar that will be used by the brain.
  • Inhibition of thyroid hormone activation. The hormone thyroxine (T4) secreted by the thyroid gland to regulate metabolism and aid in growth is an inactive hormone. It is carried in the bloodstream until it hits a receptor on or in a cell and converts to become the tri-iodothyronine (T3) hormone. This conversion must occur in order for the thyroid to do its functions as T3 is the actual active hormone. High cortisol levels inhibit this conversion.

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stress kit to combat cortisol

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