Why does your skin wrinkle with age?

Why does your skin wrinkle with age? - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Yikes, ageing can really just jump on you one day. Just a quick check in the mirror to see if I have any lipstick on and there it is: a wrinkle. Yes, it won’t cause the world to end, but you have to live with it, or do you?

There are many steps we can take to help keep our skin in optimum condition. We can control our lifestyle, diets and skincare regimes, but unfortunately, there is nothing to stop the inevitable few wrinkles from creeping in over the years. Understanding why does your skin wrinkle with age can help you be proactive and treat them in one go with the right tools. Continue reading

Firming your skin is simpler than you think

Firming your skin is simpler than you think - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Firming your skin  naturally can have a great impact on ageing gracefully. The most common areas that are affected are the cheeks, jowls and under the chin. The telltale sign is a vertical line that appears on each side of your mouth and then the sagging starts along the jawline. Below the chin it may start out as a “double chin”, but then the structure loses its luster and you will see visible sagging.

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How to prevent Acne

How to prevent Acne - By Bellabaci Cupping

Acne is a condition that has resulted in many hiding in their rooms, cancelling dates and eating copious amounts of ice cream. When we look at how this unwanted condition occurs, then maybe we can start to do our best to learn how to prevent acne from getting in our way for the future. Continue reading

The benefits of facial massage

The Benefits of facial massage - By Bellabaci Cupping

We sometimes notice that our faces look pale and without glow, especially when we first get up in the morning. We can’t help but to frown in everyday stresses and this causes us to look older than our real age. Most women have tried some form of anti-aging creams to get rid of wrinkles. Some help but others do not. Others apply make up to give their faces color and hope that they would look healthier and younger. However, what we need to understand is that the pale, swollen and lack of color and tone is due to the poor circulation of blood in our facial skin. Wrinkles also result form tension and stressful activities as we tend to overuse our facial muscles, even when we don’t realize we are doing it. The answer to great looking skin lies in the benefits of facial massage you can achieve without breaking the bank. Continue reading

What is a proper skin care routine?

What is a proper skin care routine

Is your skin the ultimate picture of health and youthfulness or do you think you are lacking in some areas? Deciding on a skin care routine that not only suits your lifestyle, but also your pocket, can make or break your success to achieving your skin care goals.

Some seem to over-clutter, meaning using to many products from different product houses and you never really get those results promised on the container. Sticking to one product house, and simplifying your morning and evening routine can set the groundwork to looking your best, just a short while from now. Continue reading

Anti-ageing tips – Easy on the pocket

Eye bags your pardon?

Need some anti-ageing asap? No problem!

Bellabaci has developed a system just for you.

No need to take out a second mortgage to pay for your anti-ageing treatments! Try something that is good for you and your pocket, with fabulous results that are cumulative and visible. Say goodbye to wrinkles, loose and damaged skin, once and for all! Continue reading

Castor oil – A must for Skin Cleansing

Castor oil - A must for Skin Cleansing

Use  Castor oil to deep cleanse your skin? That’s right!

Think castor oil is just for medicinal use? NO!

It’s always a challenge to find a natural skin solution that works, and won’t break the bank. Searching for something that works for you can leave quite a dent in your wallet, especially when it’s a case of too many trial and errors.. Don’t worry, Bellabaci is here to help! Continue reading

3 Ways to use Your Bellabaci Facial Cups

How to treat Sinus Headaches and Congestion Naturally

Are you a lucky new owner of a spectacular set of Bellabaci Facial Cups, our hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups based on the treatment successes of Ancient Chinese Cupping? If you are new to our website, you may be wondering what is the best way to get the most out of your  fabulous Facial Cup set. Some may find it intimidating at first, and put them on the shelf for a while. Don’t! You will find the steps so easy after reading this article, that you will be a Bellabaci guru in no time! Continue reading