Feeling tight chested? This will help!

Feeling tight chested? Katafray to the rescue! - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

I love seasonal changes. It marks the start of a new season, and can have meaning in more ways than one. It can be the start of a new romance, finally quitting those cigarettes or be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle change. With it though, comes those dreaded colds and flu, feeling tight chested and congested.  Continue reading

Does Cupping help for Fibromyalgia?

Does Cupping help for Fibromyalgia? - By Bellabaci Cupping Therapy

According to a recent statistic, as many as 10 million people in the US suffer from Fibromyalgia. This new age disorder is a chronic musculoskeletal condition. It is characterized by persistent pain, fatigue, and tenderness in isolated areas which can also create depression. Symptoms vary from person to person but almost always have a direct effect on the patient’s quality of life. Continue reading

Feel better during Pregnancy with just a few tweaks

Feel better during Pregnancy with just a few tweaks - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

As wonderful as pregnancy is, it can really take a toll on your skin and body. Not too much can be done to feel better during pregnancy, besides, you need to focus on the baby. But, a few minutes here and there with these nifty tips, can really make a difference to your comfort level until the baby comes. And also afterward to help the repair process along. Continue reading

Justin Bieber, we didn’t know you do this!

Cape Town in South Africa is going wild with anticipation. Finally, the long awaited concert with Justin Bieber has arrived. Delving into his health choices, there is not much to go on apart from that we know he is wanting to build some muscles until these pictures surfaced!  Continue reading

What the Cupping Marks on Michael Phelps Mean!

What the Cupping Marks on Michael Phelps mean - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Cupping marks on Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has caused quite a media frenzy, shining the light once again on this amazing treatment. If international athletes are turning to this ancient treatment, then why aren’t everybody who has pain or reduced mobility having Cupping Therapy? Continue reading

How to treat sinus headaches and congestion naturally

How to treat sinus headaches and congestion naturally - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Do you cringe when spring has sprung, knowing that a sinus attack is on the way? Taking over-the-counter medicines may give you momentary and symptomatic relief, but did you know that after 5 days of usage these medicines (packed with chemicals) actually start causing the same problem you are needing relief from? It’s called the negative feedback system, reeking havoc also on your mucous membranes, leading to burning sensations and even nose bleeding. Sad, but true. Continue reading

Treat Gout Naturally with Cupping Therapy!

Treat Gout Naturally with Cupping Therapy - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Gout is a debilitating and intensely painful form of arthritis. It has been around since ancient times. It has previously been dubbed the “disease of kings”. This is due to its connection to overindulgence in food and wine. It is now known that there are many different risk factors. Also men more than women are at risk. Learning how to treat gout naturally will enable you to take charge when the need arises.  Continue reading

St John’s Wort – You need this in your life!

St John's Wort - You need this in your life! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Ask anyone if they know what St John’s Wort is for, and most people will know it is linked to relieving depression. There are far more benefits of St John’s Wort that needs to be mentioned, and it’s also now being studied further for is capability in fighting off cancer. Continue reading

What is Fibromyalgia

What is Fibromyalgia - By Bellabaci Cellulite Massage Cupping

One condition that is becoming more and more common today is Fibromyalgia. That being said, it is still one of the conditions that is often misdiagnosed. It may be confused with conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or even Arthritis. So, let’s look at what is Fibromyalgia and better yet, what can be done about it! Continue reading

Neck Spasms – The Bellabaci Solution

Natural relief

It’s 3pm, time has flown while you have been brainstorming in front of your computer, and then it strikes. That all-too-familiar spasm in your neck is back, and ready for some pain giving action.

Why do you get neck spasms?

Your neck takes quite a bit of strain, it has to hold up your head which is a good 5kg’s, look here, look there, bend down, look up, it’s hard work. A day just doesn’t allow a daily neck massage (until now that is..), and the lack of attention to this structure will then accumulate more and more tension. No wonder the untimely spasm strikes. Continue reading

How about a Pain Free body in 2014?

Are you looking for a natural solution for pain?

More pain than you can manage?

Let the Bellabaci Aches and Pains Get Lost Genie grant your pain-free wishes!

What’s in it for you? No more pain!

Make 2014 your year for choosing natural pain relief over chemical, and holistic healing over temporary relief. Our medical panel have chosen just the right ingredients to address every aspect of your pain. Whether you need to heal after trauma or relieve sciatic pain, this Genie will make you forget your woes and ouch’s. Continue reading