Feel better during Pregnancy with just a few tweaks

Feel better during Pregnancy with just a few tweaks - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage

As wonderful as pregnancy is, it can really take a toll on your skin and body. Not too much can be done to feel better during pregnancy, besides, you need to focus on the baby. But, a few minutes here and there with these nifty tips, can really make a difference to your comfort level until the baby comes. And also afterward to help the repair process along.

No energy and bursting at the seams?

One of the major reasons why we “let it go” when pregnant is low energy levels. It’s completely natural to feel this way. Your body is super busy creating the most gorgeous baby ever. It is also a protective mechanism to keep you from overexerting yourself when you should be taking it easy.

Fluid retention is another factor that makes pregnant women feel horrible. Puffy faces, swollen wrists, fingers, legs and feet. It can even feel painful around your joints as the pressure causing fluid builds up. Fluid retention can also cause temporary stretching of the skin. This may cause you to experience itchy areas where the skin is being stretched.

What we recommend:

For both of these, we recommend our award-winning Circuflow Genie Natural Remedy Oil. Combining the benefits of superb fluid-relieving synergies and energizing essentials, you will feel less tired and a lot less uncomfortable. And, don’t forget to use your Face Cups with your Circuflow Genie oil to help with eye bags and puffiness in general.

Ouches, ouches everywhere!

As the baby grows, your body is taking a lot of strain. Your lower back and shoulder area will feel in constant need of a massage. Feel better during pregnancy with a bit of TLC and..

What we recommend:

Cupping massage is a great choice for a quick DIY at home. A great suggestion is to massage your lower back while standing in the shower. This allows you to reach where you need with the cup.

Or, bat your eyelashes at your hubby and remind him what your body is going through while you hand him the pain relief oil and cup. Yes, that’s right, cupping massage at home is super easy.

The guys won’t feel intimidated by having to do fancy hand-moves like the pro’s but they will definitely feel like prince charming when they see that they have helped release some of the pressure.

PS: Do remember to always keep the cup moving and only treat the very lower back areas and upper shoulders. Avoid the abdominal cavity from the front and back for the safety of your baby.

Feeling dry from the inside out? Yes, your skin is taking a beating!

Stretch marks and dry skin goes hand in hand with pregnancy. Very few people come from the genetic gene pool of No-stretch-mark-land, so don’t feel too shy about it.

What we recommend:

Indulge in our Skin Get a Life Genie massage oil. This natural wellness oil is rich in Coconut, Argan, Rosehip and Baobab oil, along with our doctor’s special blend of skin-strengthening and replenishing formula.

After your beautiful bundle has arrived, you can combine your Skin Get a Life Genie and Body Cups to address your stretch marks effectively. Strike while the iron is hot, so don’t wait until they turn pearly-white!

Fun Fact: Did you know that the breast pump was invented thanks to

Cupping Therapy?

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  1. Pete Saunders says:

    Great read. Was on google to figure out how I can help my pregnant wife and this came up. Sounds like exactly what she needs

  2. Anna Griffin says:

    Wonderful, reading this at the perfect time as my lower back is so sore and nothing helps. Sending Hubby the link to buy this for me.

  3. Georgina Wood says:

    I will definitely try this in my next pregnancy. In my previous pregnancy, I used a very popular “pregnancy range” which literally did nothing to help. And I paid a lot of money for it

  4. Rachel Adams says:

    Fantastic, so good to know there are products that are actually safe during pregnancy

  5. Rita Muller says:

    Wow, this just took me back to my pregnancy, I had really bad swollen ankles and the bellabaci cups helped so much

  6. Sophia Alan says:

    Bellabaci definitely helped heaps when I was pregnant. My skin was so dry it itched. The skin get a life genie, saved my life.

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