Tanning – The new addiction to think about

Tanning Addiction by Bellabaci

Everybody knows the dangers of addictive substances, and the impact they can have on your lives in the short- and long term. Many campaigns make it their mission to warn and inform about the warning signs of addictive behavior and substance abuse. A new “substance” that can be added to the list is the phenomena of Tanning Addiction!

Scientific studies find that tanning has the same effect as some hardcore drugs

Who would have thought that a bit of sun can influence you the same way as a drug! This new scientific study has determined that those who frequently bask in the rays can develop an addiction to tanning.
The scientific study included mice being exposed daily to doses of UV light. The outcome was that these mice had raised blood levels of beta-endorphins, which are your feel-good hormones. The effect of these hormones on the brain can be compared to those of drugs such as morphine and heroin. They also found that the mice became less sensitive to the sensations of touch and temperature. When the mice were removed from their “daily fix” they had symptoms such as shaking and trembling.

More studies led by Psychiatrists and Dermatologists find that there is potential for Tanning Addiction

Further studies by psychiatrists have found that the brain sees the UV exposure as a reward system, and that there is definitely potential for addiction. Another study led by Dr David Fisher, who heads the department of dermatology, comments that “tanning is not purely a cosmetic decision, with frequent tanners seeking out a high in addition to darker skin”. He says further that “this is a troubling finding because the skin is more affected by cancer than any other organ in the human body.”

How can you repair your skin from UV exposure and sun damage?

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