The Cupping Secret is out!

The Cupping Secret is out!

What do Jennifer Aniston, Kelly Osborne and Gwyneth Paltrow all have in common? All three of them and a few other celebs like Chris Martin from Coldplay have all been walking around with some mysterious round marks on their bodies. We know what they have been up to and we are happy they have found the ancient healing power of Cupping Therapy!

Gone are the days where when we are ill, that we just go see a doctor for a consultation that takes 5 minutes and then walk out the door with a prescription for some medication, hoping it will heal us.  People today are asking questions and seeking healthier alternatives.  Thank goodness for celebs that set trends and shine the light on therapies that we may not know about.

Cupping is an age old therapy where a practitioner places flame heated glass cup (this creates a vacuum) on the area of concern. Treatment can last from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the area or concern being treated. The aim of this is to generate heat in the area which leads to toxin removal and brings about healing. Fantastic stuff if you know where to go and can fork out the cash for what may be more than one appointment.

Rather take back the power and treat yourself!  Bellabaci offers an amazing system of medical grade, silicone cups that you can use on yourself in the privacy of your own home and they will last forever, so treatment after treatment, you will be another step closer to achieving healing in your body. They are super versatile too, treat from pain to cellulite and even insomnia!  Just squeeze the cup, set it down on the area and let the healing begin. Another reason to use the Bellabaci system is that these cups can be moved around if you apply a bit of oil first, so you can use them as a massage tool and drain lymphatic fluids.

If only these celebs knew what they were missing!

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Happy Cupping Everyone!lips_small_slant