Bellabaci International is the creator of the hand-squeezable, glidable cupping massage system for face and body, used by spas and for home care, around the globe. Our system is combined with our range of natural wellness therapeutic massage oils called the Bellabaci Genies. These 7 formulations were created to provide a true solution to daily concerns and provides immediate and cumulative results. With our system you can easily treat:

  • Muscle pain and discomfort
  • Cellulite and lipo-sculpting
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Poor circulation
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Stretch marks and scars
  • Ageing and detoxification

We offer a full professional treatment menu and protocols to seamlessly introduce the Bellabaci Cupping Massage System to your spa menu. Our method leaves no tell-tale marks behind and it save the therapists’ wrists from overexertion. The massage technique combines cupping with hands so that the power of touch is at all times present, giving the client the sensation of a four-hand massage utilizing negative and positive pressure.


  • It Is a modified and simplified version of the ancient cupping therapy.
  •  The Bellabaci silicone, hand squeezed silicon cups, create suction on the body’s surface layers.
  • We work with NEGATIVE pressure 
  • We move them in a slow relaxing massage technique
  • Cupping massage drains excess fluids and toxins, loosens adhesions, lift the connective tissue and bring optimal blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin.
  • It offers a deep tissue massage, which is extremely detoxifying.
  • It is a versatile method as you can treat from the most superficial skin layer to the deepest tissue.
  • This complements many health modalities ranging from spa treatments to medical massage.
  • Provides excellent therapeutic results.

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    Wow! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, thank you bellabaci for always supplying quality.
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