Breathing Easy- Choose Cupping Therapy!

Breathing Easy- Choose Cupping Therapy!

Breathing Deep is no problem with Cupping Therapy!

Feeling tight chested when you have the flu can disrupt anyone’s mood. Not only does it interfere with your quality of sleep (which is also when the body heals and repairs itself!), but also your ability to inhale and make use of proper lung function. Most of us have poor breathing techniques which means that we are barely using a third of our lung capacity. So, one can imagine that it decreases even more when you are ill and producing excess phlegm.

Cupping has proven very successful in aid of opening the lungs and decreasing symptoms of respiratory distress. Due to the fact that the underlying organs are affected up to 4 inches deep, lung stagnation and energy is improved as well as to tonify the stomach/spleen and kidney meridians to disperse of phlegm.

Cupping Placement can be done from light to medium suction as well as massage cupping, across the back of the lungs. This is also very beneficial for those suffering with influenza or bronchial spasms, to bring about relief and removal of pathogens.

Applying the correct medium, under the cups will also add extra benefits for improved breathing. Choose essential oils for respiration such as Wintergreen, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. Blend a few drops to a carrier oil such as coconut, sweet almond or olive oil. 6 Drops essential oil to 50ml carrier should be sufficient. Put a few drops of your essential oil on a tissue, and inhale slowly, as this also helps to improve breathing if you cannot when out and about.

Placement Cupping to improve Breathing

When choosing to do Placement Cupping, you will need a minimum of 8 Bellabaci soft cups, place them after applying your oil around your scapula (shoulder blade), 4 on each side. You can leave them stationary for about 10 to 20 minutes. If they “pop” off, just ask whoever is helping you, to place the cup back on. Try to control your breathing throughout the treatment, as this will help to expel phlegm and speed up lymphatics.

Massage Cupping to improve Breathing

If you choose Massage Cupping, remember to drain the lymphatics, by lightly squeezing the cup before setting it down, and moving from the midline, next to your spine, outwards, towards the axilla (armpit) and over the ribs on each side. Follow with nice, big circles by using both hands, with the cup held in the middle of your thumbs and index fingers. Continue for at least 10 minutes, and end off by draining the lymphatics again. Try to control your breathing throughout the treatment, as this will help to expel phlegm and speed up lymphatics.

Top Tip: The same method also works great for Asthma and Insomnia!

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Happy Cupping Everyone!Let Bellabaci kiss it better!