New Health Resolutions for 2014

New Health Resolutions for 2014

Making small health changes can be easy!

Print these Health Resolutions, stick them on your fridge, bathroom mirror, kid’s forehead or your dashboard, wherever you’ll notice it.. Studies show that living by the 80% good and 20% bad rule, proves the most successful in living a health focused lifestyle. Losing weight also becomes easier as you take the pressure off by allowing yourself a little cheat now and again.

Balance is the key to health and we owe it to ourselves to strive towards it. Not too much work, play, alcohol or chocolate. Even too much vitamin C is bad.. Each year end we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, to make positive changes. And sometimes we set “over the top” goals like climbing a mountain, when you are barely getting more than 20 minutes of exercise per week. Reality checks can help with perspective so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

This list will help you to start small. Tweaking things here and there, which will directly impact how you feel about yourself, come the next year end. The Bellabaci Team have rounded up the best of them for you.

Telling a friend or loved one of what you have decided on changing or achieving, is an easy way to stick to your goals. When you are accountable to someone, they will remind you every so often and maybe give you some motivation to put you back on track.

Have you made any New Year’s  Health Resolutions yet? Leave a comment below and tell us what they are!

Best (starting small but effective) New Year’s Health Resolutions for 2014

  • Moisturize your face and body at least once per day
  • Drink 4 glasses of water and build up to 8
  • Walk for 20 minutes, twice per week
  • Have a detox juicing day, once a month
  • Have a carb-free day, once per week
  • Join the Meat Free Monday Movement
  • Breathe deep
  • Meditate for 5 minutes before you go to sleep
  • Take your lunch break outside, or away from your desk/computer
  • Park your car a bit further away from the mall, where you work, etc
  • Take an omega 3 supplement
  • Add one extra raw fruit and vegetable to your usual daily intake or learn to make a smoothie
  • Treat yourself to a massage, haircut or whatever you enjoy, at least once per month for some “me time”
  • Plant a tree/herb garden/flower bed and tend to it yourself
  • If you still smoke, aim to cut down 2 ciggies for every 10 you smoke
  • Treat yourself to a 10 minute Bellabaci massage, x3 per week

Alkaline Foods for Detox SuccessTop Tip: Add a Genie to your life! Choose to improve your Circulation, Pain, Cellulite or Skin! Apply it daily or as directed by your physician or therapist.

Happy  Health and Happy Cupping Everyone!Let Bellabaci kiss it better!