Why is Belly Fat so dangerous?

Are you getting nervous by seeing your belly grow, not from the wonder of pregnancy, but from picking up a few extra pounds over the holidays? We are constantly warned that fat around your abdomen is the worst place to have it, but why exactly is this so, and do we really need to worry? Losing weight is hard enough, and when it doesn’t budge in the area you are focussed on, it can send you reaching for the nearest cupcake.

Scientists prove that fat is as active as any other body system.

The old train of thought was that fat is mostly a stationary and passive type of substance with the sole purpose of storing energy. That has been completely disproved as it is now known that fat cells are biologically active. Fat secretes many types of hormones and other chemicals which affect almost all your body systems. When you are at a normal weight, these secreted hormones keep you in good health. They function then to suppress appetite, burn fat, help with insulin regulation and aid in the fight against diabetes.

Dangers of belly fat explained.

When you are over your normal weight, your fat cells increase in the total amount and in size, which causes an increase in the amount of hormones and chemicals released, which your body cannot cope with. This places extra strain on your organs and body systems, which in turn elevates your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.
Scientists suggest that the chemicals and hormones released from an oversized abdomen is more dangerous than coming from other sources. This is due to a certain precursor protein to angiotensin released that causes damage such as constriction of blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise. Another protein called retinol-binding protein 4 increases insulin resistance, causing clogged arteries and increasing risk of a heart attack

So, are you ready for the natural solution for belly fat?

Now, this piece of information should be more than enough motivation for you to make a real effort to drop a few pounds around the middle, but what do you do if your fat around your abdomen is diet-resistant and you lose pounds everywhere else except where it matters? The answer to that is easy of course; just grab your Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Kit!
Fat that doesn’t respond to diet, tends to respond excellently to manual manipulation. This is where your Body Cups come in, to massage the fat away. Cupping massage affect the tissues up to 4 inches deep, so you will address excess hormone production and deep visceral fat. Also in your kit, is your Kese, used to completely exfoliate your skin and stimulate your long-lost micro-circulation and a very potent fat busting oil-lotion with ingredients such as Bladderwrack, Buchu and Organic Coconut oil which are known to break down fat and decrease inflammation. Finally, the best solution to belly fat is in you reach!

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