Can Your Emotions Become Visible?

Can Your Emotions Become Visible? - By Bellabaci Cupping Massage and Natural Remedy Massage Oils

Have you ever noticed that when your life is on track and you are happy, you also look your best? Science has now proven that there is a direct link between how you feel and how you age. Kick those negative emotions to the curb! Here’s why..

New research shows that negative emotions shorten your telomeres. Telomeres are the”caps” at the ends of your DNA strands that keep them intact. Telomere shortening and increased cell division caused by emotions such as anger or shock are directly linked to aging. This kind of aging is not just internal but external too. When a cell has stopped the division process, it dies and voila, a wrinkle appears. Just think what is going on inside your body where your internal health is concerned.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome or Adrenal Fatigue is a fantastic example of this. Adrenal glands overproduce Cortisol due to stress over a period of time. This constant type of fatigue is what happens when you are “burnt out”.

The most detrimental shortening of Telomeres is caused by short bursts of anger. An example would be road rage or how you feel when that person has cut in front of you in the queue at Wallgreens. Yes sure, one outburst is not going to make you age 10 years overnight. The effect of these over the course of 10 years is what we are talking about.

Emotions become visible when you are stressed or anxious

Think of how someone looks who has gone through severe emotional trauma or stress. They look older, act more introverted and do not look their usual, healthy self. The emotional turmoil also manifests as physical symptoms, as seen with psoriasis eczema flare-ups during times of stress.

Can you offer Aesthetic Treatments to Depressed or Stressed Clients?

There is value to the saying of “healthy mind, healthy body”. For depressed clients, I personally wouldn’t recommend any invasive cosmeceutical-type treatments. They would benefit more in the long run to have regular cupping massages to improve blood flow to the brain. This action will help to increase their happy hormone called serotonin. Once the client’s emotional state is improved, re-assess and do a test patch to see how the skin reacts to any aesthetic treatment.

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