Why the women of Kenya have radiant skin

Why the women of Kenya have radiant skin - By Bellabaci Cupping

My true passion is creating beautiful skin, and the Circuflow Genie is any esthetician’s dream to do just that. The ingredients are sourced from their exact point of origin where it contains the highest potency. This is so that you can enjoy the benefits, as experienced in that specific country. I would love to share with you why the women of Kenya have radiant skin.  Their secret ingredient is a multi-functional wonder of nature. Read on to find out why it was chosen for the Circuflow Genie for Face and Body. 

Most articles where pictures of beautiful and traditional African women are published are taken of Kenyan women. They are seen as the beauty of Africa, captured in a face. Looking closer at their skins, you will see firm, wrinkle-free skin. You will rarely see any hyperpigmentation or age spots, even though they are exposed to the harsh sun every day.

How can the women of Kenya have radiant skin with all that exposure to the African sun?

The secret to their radiant skin is from the Cape Chestnut seed oil. Cape Chestnut should not be confused with Horse or Sweet Chestnut, as the nut cannot be eaten by humans.

This lovely, though relatively unknown oil is extracted from the beautiful small black seeds. When the fruits ripen, the pods burst and release the seeds from which the oil is cold-pressed. It is light textured and very skin-protective, and is also high in oleic [44%], linoleic [29%] and palmitic [18%] fatty acids.

Though this oil is relatively expensive, a little goes a long way. The oil is often used in cosmetics for its inherent ultraviolet protection [UVA & UVB], its high percentage of moisturizing fatty acids [esp. linoleic, oleic and palmitic] and anti-aging antioxidants.

Benefits of Cape Chestnut Seed Oil – AKA: Yangu Oil:

  • Protects again sun damage

  • High in essential fatty acids

  • Moisturizes deeply

  • Replenishes the lipid barrier

  • High in anti-oxidants

  • Soothes skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

The Bellabaci Circuflow Genie contains 3 carrier oils, namely Coconut, St John’s Wort and Cape Chestnut. These 3 are your skin protective warriors, targeting skin ageing, dryness and skin fragility. The added essential oil and energetic signature ingredients have been used for centuries to address fluid retention, broken capillaries/, spider and varicose veins, hormonal balance, and circulation. It is truly a 1 product solution to so many concerns.

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    i can’t wait to test it out, I know for sure having a little glow can help me and my friends out n so many ways.

  2. Lilly Webb says:

    thats crazy, considering the amount of sun they get, still no skin raging or pigmentation. i am a fan of circuflow already. love the smell

  3. Melissa Abril says:

    I have heard so many good things about Cape Chestnut! You always amaze me with the most amazing ingredients in your products.

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