Does Detox help with Cellulite?

Does Detox help with Cellulite - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Are you serious about slimming and treating your Cellulite? Many skip this very important phase but we are here to tell you that it is crucial to see visible results. Want to know just how does detox help with Cellulite? Let’s break it down.

Is your body too toxic to let go of waste?

If your cells are in top form and working well, they are fairly clean burning engines. This also means they produce less cellular waste. If cellular function becomes less desirable due to stress factors (think bad diet, no exercise, working too hard), they start to produce harmful substances. These include acids such as lactic and uric acid. This causes changes in the pH of the fluid around the cells, which in turn puts stress on the circulation to and from your cells.

Do all people produces the same amount of toxins?

All people, healthy or not, will produce lactic acid and its cellular by-products at some point. The most prominent factor of too much lactic acid production is pain and stiffness. Someone suffering from Fibromyalgia has already such a high base level of excess lactic acid around muscle cells, that walking a few meters can have the same outcome as a runner completing a 500-meter dash. Athletes call it “hitting the wall” when you have run as hard and fast as you can before you become physically exhausted from producing too much lactic acid.

So, why do you need to get rid of toxins to treat cellulite?

Too much lactic acid also equals too much free radical production and inflammation. This accumulation damages collagen and elastin, creating those dreaded dimples. Few people today, are agile enough to stretch comfortably and touch their toes, even at a young age. This leads to increased risk of injury and slow healing time in old age.

How can Bellabaci help with your detox?

Focusing on draining toxins for just a few minutes daily, combined with the right stretching exercises such as yoga or pilates, can positively affect how you will be moving about in the future. Your Bellabaci Cups, with the use of your Cellulite Be Gone Genie, will assist to drain lactic acid and its cellular by-products.

This topical remedy oil also helps to relieve inflammation and rebuilds collagen where you need skin toning. Our formulas also contain powerful liver and body cleansing ingredients. The topical Homeopathic synergies and wild crafted Essential oils will naturally cleanse your body, without putting stress on your organs. Hello, Bikini Body!!

Top Tip: Don’t know which Genie is right for you? We have incorporated Colour Therapy to help you choose. Each bottle is a different colour for a reason. The specific colour resonates with the condition. Example, yellow is the colour for upliftment and our Stress No More is yellow..coincedence..not at all!

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  1. Rashmee Naidoo says:

    i wish i could have a magic wand to make it all go away. i got your super cups and cream and must say, i can see result. now i have to attend to all the other causes so it will not come back.

  2. Sharon Collins says:

    reminds me of this joke about the doughnut, that stays a minute in your mouth and years on your bum

  3. Jane Elia says:

    I have to get rid of my cellulite before I go to Thailand in 4 months, placing my order now!

  4. Derek Macintosh says:

    I work out 5 days a week, so I can just imagine all the excess lactic acid. Just browsed your website and it is extremely helpful in what I need

  5. Anthea George says:

    I never realized that you have to detox like this. I thought that drinking water will do the trick. A real eye opener, thank you

  6. Judy Green says:

    I am started using your cellulite kit last month and I can not put into words how amazing the results are! Thank you for such an awesome product

  7. Vicky Reed says:

    My muscles are always tight and I have a lot of cellulite, sounds like I really need a detox

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