Cellulite Cause Revealed!

Cellulite Cause Revealed! - By Bellabaci Cellulite Cupping Massage

Who would have thought this crazy cellulite cause is true!

Let’s face it, women just love buying lingerie. We may not all look like Kim Kardashian in a pair, but it sure adds to your daily feel good factor when you are dressed for success. It’s feminine and fun to wear matching undies. Especially if they are of the “supportive” kind. Who doesn’t love feeling sexy? Even if it’s just you and your cellulite that knows what’s going on underneath your clothes. Feeling good is so worth it, or is it?

We are now learning that anything constricting is bad news for cellulite.In this case, clothing that cuts off, or undermines your blood and lymph flow can be part of the reason for your depressing dimples. The free-flow of your blood and lymph is of utmost importance to help combat any aesthetic unsightliness. Your lymphatic system runs parallel to your blood flow. It also depends on the rapidness of your blood to propel it through your body. The function? Spring cleaning! Your lymph travels all around your body, clearing up damaging toxins and putting out fires. In this case, cellulite.

This is a great way to know if you are putting too much unwanted compression in an area:  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and become aware of where you are feeling the elastic bands of your underwear. It is in that place where you are cutting off much needed oxygen and nutrients. And of course, the areas are exactly where our cellulite problem areas are.. The dreaded buttocks and thighs!

But what can we do? Bare all like Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton? Get rid of all your expensive and sexy undies? NO! The answer lies in a daily fix to our fury. There are many lipo treatments out there that claim to decrease or even rid you of cellulite. But if the cause is not eradicated then your cellulite will arise (and depress..) again. 

Take Control! You can be your own therapist at home in just 8 minutes per day to help ease the damage caused in the last 24 hours!

The Bellabaci Cupping Therapy Massage offers exactly that. The manual lymph drainage will not only help to drain the toxins away, but also it will increase your blood flow. This makes sure the support structure (your collagen and elastin fibres) stay intact, and even improve. Just a squeeze of this sexy silicone cup will get all those fluids moving, no mess, no fuss. You can even use it  in the shower, or, if you are lounging in front of the TV. Increase the squeeze for some stubborn cellulite too!  Just use some oil to facilitate movement.

The results are sure and staggering. Easy to use in a short amount of time. Cellulite, be warned!

So, don’t stress and don’t throw out your undies just yet, help is here!

PS: Don’t have your own set of Bellabaci Body or Face Cups yet? View our online store HERE and reintroduce your smooth thighs for all to see!

Happy Cupping Everyone!kiss

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